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1/8" Hose-Barb Y (WYE) Connector - Black Nylon
1/8" Hose-Barb Y (WYE) Connector - Black Nylon

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These equal 3-way Y (WYE) fittings are 1/8" OD Hose-Barb on all ends, to split 1/8" ID hose or tubing.

These are multi-purpose fittings and may possibly be used for Automotive, Boat (Marine), Hydroponic, Irrigation, Pneumatic, Agriculture, and Aquarium applications.


Item Specifications

Part#:  KIY0-2BN
Material:  Black Nylon (BN)
Color:  Black
Hose-barb 1:  1/8" OD
Hose-barb 2:  1/8" OD
Hose-barb 3:  1/8" OD
Style:  Equal Y (WYE) Fitting


*Picture is for reference only, and may not be to scale or represent actual color of fitting.

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