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1/8" Hose-Barb High Flow Check Valve - Kynar/Viton
1/8" Inline Check Valve - Kynar/Viton

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These Check Valves are 1/8" OD Hose-Barb on both ends, to fit 1/8" ID hose or tubing. They are made from the highest quality materials. Manufactured with a Kynar® exterior, and a Viton® diaphragm. These materials have excellent resistance to harsh chemicals such as alkalis and acids, as well as ozone.

These are multi-purpose fittings and may possibly be used for Automotive, Boat (Marine), Hydroponic, Irrigation, Pneumatic, Agriculture, Spa, Pool, and Aquarium applications.

Part Specifications

Part#: KICV0-2KV
Inlet Body Material: Natural Kynar®
Outlet Body Material: Natural Kynar®
Diaphragm Material: Viton®
Hose-barb 1: 1/8" Single Barb
Hose-barb 2: 1/8" Single Barb
Flow Rate: 397 mL/min @ 30PSI
Cracking Pressure: 0.5 psi
Max Pressure: 125 psi
Style: Inline Check Valve

*All specification data is for reference only--it is recommended to be tested for your application before use.

For Material Reference Data, see this page here.

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