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1/8" Hose-Barb X (Cross) Fitting - Natural Kynar
1/8" Hose-Barb X (Cross) Fitting - Natural Kynar

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These 4-way X (Cross) Fittings are 1/8" OD Single Hose-Barb on all ends, to fit 1/8" ID hose or tubing. Made from Natural Kynar. Commonly used for ozone application due to there excellent resistance to ozone.

These are multi-purpose fittings and may possibly be used for Automotive, Boat (Marine), Hydroponic, Irrigation, Pneumatic, Agriculture, and Aquarium applications.

Part Specifications

Part#: KIX0-2NK
Material: Natural Kynar
Size 1-4: 1/8" OD
Type 1-4: Single Hose-Barb
Style: Equal Cross "X" Fitting

Natural Kynar® (NK) or (K)

  • Temperature Range: -80 °F to 226 °F (107 °C)
  • Pressure: 260 psi @ 70 °F*
  • NK material can be autoclaved to 285 °F (140 °C)
  • Chemically resistant to: most acids, salts, weak bases, halogenated solvents, alcohols, nuclear and UV radiation, oxidants, ozone and deionized water.
  • Excellent rating for Ozone applications.
  • Animal Derivative Free
  • Meets USP Class VI requirements

*Applies to molded one-piece fittings.