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Cell Tower - Wrapped
Cell Tower - Wrapped

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Build your own HHO Generator Cells, with KempCo's Pre-Wrapped Cell Towers. Each custom-cut plexi-glas tower is wrapped with our custom-twiseted .045 316L Stainless Steel Wire, just like our Wet Cell HHO Generators. Includes a free Custom Lid Gasket, and our Custom Lid Drilling Template with Wire Twisting Guide.


Where Do We Start?

Our "ready-for-wire" Cell Tower Blanks are made with the same high-quality 1/4" plexiglas that we use for all of our "pre-wired" Towers and Generator Complete Kits. They have been acrylic bonded for strength to give you the foundation for secure electrode wrapping.

Each blank is pre-drilled and notched with a thin-kerf saw blade, giving a custom fit placement for the electrodes. We cut the notches at 5mm apart (closer than 1/4") which allows for more wire wraps lower on the tower (immersed in your electrolyte). There is not another Cell unit, sold anywhere, that is able to duplicate the exact measurement between notches. A CNC cut tower cannot even get this close! And electrodes that are wrapped too high up on the Plexiglas tower are not immersed in the electrolyte where they belong for the most efficient production of HHO. This will also cause for the positive electrode to degrade and break. This is another reason why KempCo's custom Plexiglas Tower Blanks are SUPERIOR to any of our competition, GUARANTEED!!

This 5mm distance between electrodes is what allows our towers greater output. The tower blank measures 2-1/4" x 6-1/8" and fits perfectly into a wide-mouth quart-sized mason/ball jar. Being the same 20 kerf custom design towers blanks that we offer pre-wired and sell in our store, you can be assured of the same high quality going into your finished generator project.


About the Wrapped Towers

On our "pre-wired" twisted design towers, we use 28 feet of wire to wrap one tower, using Two (2) two-wire twisted strands of .045 diameter. One for each electrode. The 28 feet of wire, provided in this DIY Kit, is the right amount needed to duplicate our .045 twisted wire design.

KempCo Specialties carries the highest quality Stainless Steel Wire. We are first in our field to offer easy-to-handle wire for generator production. As others come on board with a wire that won't snap, they fail to duplicate the quality that KempCo has to offer! We do not sell stiff welding wire that is springy, hard to manage, and snaps, or fully annealed "dead soft" wire (like soft soldering wire) which has little to no spring tension, a lot like, well...soft soldering wire! All stainless steel wire starts out "dead soft" and becomes more expensive as it is taken through different stages of tempering depending on the end use. Although our wire costs more to produce, we keep our prices competitive with others, that use lower quality wire. KempCo wire is very closely monitored in production to prevent the pitting and nicks that you'll find in other wires on the market (this can happen during the pulling from solid bar and persist all the way through the final tempering). It is then completed with a bright finish for long-lasting durability. With KempCo's Stainless Steel 316L grade "custom annealed" wire your tower winds with no hassle. You'll find our wire is "frustration free" and just a lot easier to work with. Especially when building multiple cells, where you need your wire to act consistently, pull after pull. Our wire, 316L in .045 diameter, is made to KempCo-HHO specifications, and is manufactured to stand up to the rigorous demands of hydrogen generator production.