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Here at KempCo, we are a High Quality manufacturer and distributer of HHO (Hydrogen-on-demand) Generator Systems, complete with do-it-yourself instructions to allow just about anyone to install and benefit from a fuel saving device. With results from 15% to 50%* fuel economy increases, soon we'll all be able to spend less time and money at the pump! We are also an ever-expanding provider of specialized parts for all your HHO needs, and more.

Our Mission:

To provide an honest product at an honest price,

and deliver 5-Star Customer Service and Support.

​Our Hydrogen Generators, HHO Systems, Cell Towers, Electronic Sensor Enhancers, HHO parts and DIY Kits are of the highest quality materials for your Hydrogen Generator project needs. KempCo Specialties' web-based e-commerce site allows you to transact your business with confidence and access to a plethora of research and reference material.

About KempCO Specialties


We only use the highest quality materials for our products.


We pride ourselves in the high standards of our overall craftsmanship in the products we build.

5-Star Customer Support

We strive to uphold a certain level of excellence with customer service and support.


Help save the planet by reducing emissions and your carbon footprint. Every little bit counts.

We Save You Money

Better fuel economy = less gas used.

Less gas used = less money spent.

Less money spent = more money saved.

Yup, it's that simple.

Who We Are

Why Choose KemPCo?

About the KempCo Team 

KempCo Industries (KempCo Specialties, KempCo-HHO) is a family owned-and-operated, ”Green” inspired and conscious,  e-business dedicated to bringing you the best in Hydrogen-on-Demand (HHO) related products at honest prices.  We strive to bring you the highest quality materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service and support. With fuel cost continually on the rise, and the expanding global energy crisis, KempCo takes it's part to help reduce harmful emissions and our carbon footprint. Together, we can help do our part (as small as it may seem). We thank you for your contribution, and wish you a green day!

--The KempCo Team

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